Pre & Post Natal Fitness

Exercise During Pregnancy

Some of my happiest and most enriched moments as a Personal Trainer have been when working with my 'mums to be'! Through these experiences I know what an important and special time this is and the value of maintaining a healthy wellbeing. As a fully qualified Pre & Post Natal specialist I understand the implications pregangacy has on the body and the stresses surrounding exercise. Allow me to put your mind at ease and navigate you safely through this experience, by working closely together through personalised workouts to suit you and ensure you're doing all the right things to keep you healthy, happy and ready for the next stage.

Exercise After Pregnancy

Making a person is no easy task and the physical demands can leave you feeling exhausted in the months following pregnancy. After working with my postnatal mums I know that feeling of wanting to reclaim your body and begin to regain strength, shape and confidence. With my expertise and motivation I can guide you through this process, gradually bringing you back to full fitness, with effective exercise plans tailored to your unique physical needs. 

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